My Best Bodyguard (2010)

My Best Bodyguard is original movies from Thailand release in 2010 with original title มาย เบสท์ บอดี้การ์ด but this movies knowed As Saving Project X or มาย เบสท์ บอดี้การ์ด or 我的最佳保镖 or.
My Best Bodyguard movies stories is about Nicha is a tough investigative reporter who discovers a powerful pharmaceutical company is testing its new product on innocent Thai citizens. A small group of these citizens have developed a deadly virus and the company sets out to capture them, dead or alive. Likewise, National Security agents are also hot on the trail of these infected test subjects and Nicha soon finds herself caught in the crossfire.
Her ailing father, in an effort to protect her, dispatches ace sharpshooter, bodyguard and all round badass Thach to protect her and the group of infected citizens. What follows is a race against time to stay alive, find an antidote and dodge the ever-increasing amount of bullets.

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