Mortician (2013)

Mortician is original movies from China release in 2013 with original title 临终囧事 but this movies knowed As 临终囧事 or Linzhong Jiong Shi.
Mortician movies stories is about Wavelet cow born in a coffin family, a child of an absurd accident, he never lost, “smile”, but fortunately been living in rural areas, the simple environment does not make him feel “laugh” is a serious matter what. Growing up efforts of the mountains, leaving raised his coffin shop, go to the outside world battles, but still had to work into the funeral home. Wavelet witnessed at the funeral home vicissitudes of life, from the perspective of a funeral home handyman departure of family, friendship, love, new understanding on “Life last stop” platform for wavelet slowly growing. Wavelet cow eventually learned to “laugh”, but in the last one to leave his loved uncle Hydride day. (Source: letterboxd)

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