Mermaid and Swordsman (2019)

Mermaid and Swordsman is original movies from China release in 2019 with original title 人鱼江湖 but this movies knowed As Ren Yu Jiang Hu or Yan Yu Gong Wu or 人魚江湖.
Mermaid and Swordsman movies stories is about The Buddha said that there are eight sufferings in life: birth, old age, sickness, death, resentment and hatred, separation of love, impossibility, and the five-yin radiance…. According to legend, there are sharks outside the South China Sea, and the water lives like fish. The shark cried at night, and his tears became beads. The mermaid uses ghostly singing and its beauty to lure humans into the deep water, and eventually eat them. Yu Ji is a little mermaid in the lake. She has heard many stories about mermaid love. It wasn’t until she rescued the misery of accidentally falling into the water that she understood that the pain of lovesickness is comparable to the pain of Ling Chi. However, Yin Qing mistaken Yue Zhen Zhen, the daughter of the martial arts leader, as her savior. On the wedding night, red Luo Zhu Ying, the bridegroom is a handsome and handsome son, but the bride is not the little mermaid with whom he has been private for life. This time, will the Little Mermaid turn into a bubble for love like in a fairy tale?

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