Masterpiece Of Love (2000)

Masterpiece Of Love is original movies from South Korea release in 2000 with original title 불후의 명작 but this movies knowed As A Masterpiece In My Life or Bulhuui Myeongjak or.
Masterpiece Of Love movies stories is about In Gi had to abandon his dreams of becoming a serious director in order to pay off his parents’ debts. So to make quick money, he began to direct soft porn movies. But his dream of making a masterpiece has not died yet. He visits an old college buddy who is now a film producer. There he meets another college friend, Myeong Joon, who is now a famous director. Through Myeong Joon, In Gi is introduced to the love of his life, Yeo Kyeong, a struggling screenwriter. From this day onward, In Gi delights in finding the things they have in common – from their affinity to banana-flavoured milk and forgotten comic book characters.

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