Mad World (2017)

Mad World is original movies from Hong Kong release in 2017 with original title 无法无天 but this movies knowed As Wu fa wu tian.
Mad World movies stories is about Six Days (Kathy Chow) has been in prison since she was 18. She and her friends killed some loan sharks in 1990 and now free she reunites with her gang. The group decides to go on a wild crime spree, then leaving town with tons of money. Soon they set about a string of senseless bushings and thefts in meeting their aim. Following a heist on a mahjong par lour gone awry, Six Days is saved by suspended cop Vodka (Michael Wong). He’s been off the force since a drinking-related shooting incident. As they bond, trouble escalates. They become good friends. As the depressed youngsters find no way to go back to the right path, they eventually become lawless mob.

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