Loyalist Of Nanzhao Storm (2020)

Loyalist Of Nanzhao Storm is original movies from China release in 2020 with original title 南诏风云之忠烈者 but this movies knowed As .
Loyalist Of Nanzhao Storm movies stories is about The story takes place when Ge Luofeng, the king of Nanzhao, was seriously ill. His grandson Yi Mouxun was preparing to become king. Ge Luofeng’s son Feng Jia died early, and his son Yi Mouxun was intelligent and capable, good at comforting the people, but because of his young age, Yi Mouxun was still young. , There are many ministers who are unwilling to submit to him. Only Zheng Hui, a former prisoner of Ge Luofeng, has been grateful for Ge Luofeng’s non-killing grace and reused it, and also cared about Yi Mouxun everywhere. Ge Luofeng erected the Nanzhao Dehua Stele before his death, indicating that he was rebellious against the Tang Dynasty and was willing to be friendly with the Tang dynasty. Yi Mouxun also had this intention. However, there were still many ministers in Nanzhao who opposed submitting to the Tang Dynasty. The two factions have long been fighting secretly, and the story was born under this background. The weak Nanzhao wanted to submit to the Tang Dynasty, and secretly delivered the meaning of submission to the Tang Dynasty, and got the support of the Tang Dynasty. There were many evils along the way. (Source: TV36)

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