Love of May (2004)

Love of May is original movies from Taiwan release in 2004 with original title 五月之戀 but this movies knowed As .
Love of May movies stories is about Alei, 19, a typical youth of the E-generation, and two of his closest friends are given the charge of maintaining the MAYDAY website. With an assumed identity, he establishes an online friendship with a girl of mysterious background. The relationship plunges him into an imaginary world he had never dreamed of before. Xuan is a 17-year-old Peking Opera student in Harbin, and a MAYDAY fan. She has a secret buried deep inside when her opera troupe tours Taiwan, she plans to take off to San-Yi. Thus, she embarks on an adventure-filled journey, as the secrets inside her are gradually revealed. Xuan is a complete mystery to Alei, yet in their brief time together, a strange chemistry has developed out of their cat-and-mouse mind games. Their encounter may seem mundane compared to the virtual romance they had had been brewing on the internet for the past six months, but something intense has exploded between them. He misses her dearly after she leaves Taipei, for she never reappears again, nor does she answer her mail. He returns to San-Yi. There, he manages to slowly unveil her secret about snow in May.

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