Love Is Not All Around (2007)

Love Is Not All Around is original movies from Hong Kong release in 2007 with original title 十分爱 but this movies knowed As Sup Fun Oi.
Love Is Not All Around movies stories is about Jiabao (Stephy Tang), Qingqing (Linda Chung) and Zhirong (Sammy Leung) are childhood friends. Soon after Qingqing and Zhirong’s wedding, Jiabao discovers that Zhirong’s having an affair with Bilian. Zhirong asks her to keep the secret. Being soft-hearted, Jiabao makes a promise not to tell anyone. She tried to kept her promise, but eventually she has told the secret to her roommate Awen (Miki Yeung), who has nothing to do with either of the couple.
While still concerned with the relationship of her friends, Jiabao bumps into her ex-boyfriend Dali (Lik-Sun Fong). 3 years ago, Jiabao took adventage of Dali to get to know Wenxin, after which she suffered a series of anonymous revengeful acts resulting in her breakup with Wenxin. After the encounter with Dali, the same kind of revengeful acts come back again. Jiabao takes it for granted that Dali is the messer. However, she soon finds out that it is merely a misunderstanding and Dali remains his infatuation for her. Later, Jiabao encounters an accident and in the emergency room she meets a Doctor named Joe (Hins Cheung) who has a crush on her and chases her right away. One day when Jiabao is having a date with Joe, Dali comes across with them. She feels extremely embarrassed and finds herself in a dilemma not knowing how to choose between the two men.
Meanwhile, Jiabao also discovers a surprising fact – the messer behind all the revengeful acts is Qingqing, who thinks that Jiabao is the secret lover of Zhirong. This leaves Jiabao with no choice but to tell Qingqing the truth. Under the help of Awen, they set up a plan to debunk Zhirong and find out that even Bilian is an innocent victim.
On the other hand, Jiabao sees Joe being with his ex-girlfriend, she thinks that they are still seeing each other and this ends their relationship ends forever. Looking for comfort, Frustrated Jiabao goes to find Dali, but to her disappointment she sees him being with a young girl. After numerous accidents, coincidences, misunderstandings, and discoveries, Jiabao has lost her courage to face the truth. She leaves Hong Kong for a job in Shanghai. One year later, she comes back to attend Awen’s wedding and meets Dali again. Dali tries to explain everything to her, but can she be cured from her suspicion that love is not all around? Where can she find her true love?

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