Love Is Cold (2018)

Love Is Cold is original movies from Hong Kong release in 2018 with original title 爱比死更伤 but this movies knowed As .
Love Is Cold movies stories is about In the late 1990s, Macau is still officially a Portuguese colony and is about to be handed back to the Chinese. Lawlessness rules the streets and public order is patchy at best, with gangs of violent thugs roaming free. Into this fray steps, an unsuspecting school girl named Lam Kei Wai, whose family moves to Macau from Mainland China. She starts school in Macau but soon becomes the subject of some cruel and brutal bullying. In the midst of her woes, she encounters a boy with a name almost identical to her own. He takes pity on Lin Qi Wei and protects her from harm. However, this new acquaintance proves to be a very troubled individual: Tormented by the murder of his policeman father, he has sworn to exact revenge on the mobsters who terrorize the city streets. Together, they begin to develop a shared lust for revenge…and develop a potentially lethal relationship. (Source: Viki) ~~Adapted from a novel of the same name by the author Tai Pei.

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