Love Conquest (2020)

Love Conquest is original movies from South Korea release in 2020 with original title 연애 완전 정복 but this movies knowed As yeonae wanjeon jeongbok.
Love Conquest movies stories is about An imminent, bewildering journey to conquer love begins! Yeong Seok had a crush on his club mate, HeeYeon. He decides to confess her love after 1262 days but gives up upon witnessing Hee Yeon kissing her senior. With his roommate, Byung Soon’s recommendation, Yeong Seok visits a dating coach website called ‘Adventure M’ and he will meet another applicant, Myo Ryeong. Myo Ryeong who picked up and dropped off the perfect-looking, sexy Yeong Seok, offers a motel tour… We will teach you the best know-hows for men and women! (Source: HanCinema)

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