Lost Love Murder (2010)

Lost Love Murder is original movies from Japan release in 2010 with original title 失恋殺人 but this movies knowed As Shitsuren Satsujin.
Lost Love Murder movies stories is about Shuichi Minamida lives comfortably on the proceeds of his father’s legacy, but he struggles with the idea that his beautiful wife, Moyako, no longer loves him. One day he confesses his worries to Kotoura, his dentist. Kotoura summons the Akechi detective agency and asks them to investigate his friend’s wife, Miyako. Fumiyo, wife of agency head Kogoro Akechi, a talented detective in her own right, takes the case and begins her investigation. She soon notices that something strange is going on between Miyako and the dentist. This observation leads to a tragic ending which none of those involved could ever imagine. (Source: AsianWiki)

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