Lingering Spirits (2014)

Lingering Spirits is original movies from Japan release in 2014 with original title 想いのこし but this movies knowed As Mindset or Omoi Nokoshi or Omoi no Koshi or.
Lingering Spirits movies stories is about Honda Gajiro is a self-centered man who only cares about money and women. When he’s involved in a car accident, he encounters the ghosts of the deceased occupants of the other car, including the driver and three pole dancers. The four ghosts promise him a large sum of money in exchange for his help fulfilling their last wishes, thus allowing their spirits to pass over to the afterlife. The tasks Gajiro is required to complete for the ghosts include pole dancing, wearing a white wedding dress, becoming a heroic firefighter, and making a passionate confession to a high school boy.

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