Letters from Nirai Kanai (2005)

Letters from Nirai Kanai is original movies from Japan release in 2005 with original title ニライカナイからの手紙 but this movies knowed As Nirai kanai kara no tegami.
Letters from Nirai Kanai movies stories is about Fuki who lives with her grandfather Shoei in Taketomi Island, Okinawa, dreams of becoming a photographer. In her childhood, her mother Masami left Fuki to live in Tokyo. Although Masami has not come back, Fuki receives birthday cards from Masami every year on her birthday. On Fuki’s fourteenth birthday, Masami promises to confess everything when Fuki becomes 20 years old. After her graduation from high school, Fuki moves to Tokyo to work as a camera assistant. Fuki starts off her hectic life in Tokyo, and soon, her nineteenth birthday comes. As usual, she receives a birthday card from Masami. A year later…

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