Lethal Lady (1990)

Lethal Lady is original movies from Hong Kong release in 1990 with original title 皇家女將 but this movies knowed As She Shoots Straight or Huang Jia nu jiang or.
Lethal Lady movies stories is about She Shoots Straight turns on three plot axes. The first concerns the complications of a workplace romance and marriage between a dedicated policewoman “Mina Kao” (Joyce Godenzi) and her supervisor “Huang Tsung-pao” (Tony Leung). The second theme concerns opposition by the Huang family to the couple’s impending union. Another policewoman, Mina’s future sister-in-law “Chia Ling” (Carina Lau) is especially critical of apparent favoritism, and even makes a remark about her being Eurasian. The third axis provides a resolution as a gang of Vietnamese led by Yuan Hua (Yuen Wah) attempts a violent and risky robbery. (Source: Wikipedia)

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