Kung Fu Dunk (2008)

Kung Fu Dunk is original movies from Taiwan release in 2008 with original title 功夫灌籃 but this movies knowed As 功夫灌篮 or Slam Dunk or.
Kung Fu Dunk movies stories is about The youngster, Shi-Jie grew up at The Kung-Fu School. He practiced excellent Kung-Fu and equipped with good sense of feel. Unexpectedly, he showed his marvelous skills of slam-dunk. Therefore, he was selected by Wang-Li who had wicked ideas and made his living in the streets. On the exercise of helping him search for his family, Wang-Li invited him to play basketball at the first university. However, he would like to make use of him to make money. After joining the basketball team, Shi-Jie found that Li-Li whom he admired for a long time is the sister of Ting-Wei the leader of basketball team. Shi Jie was desperate to draw her attention. Therefore, he attempted to compete with Xiao-Lan, who is Li-Li’s idol, which made the basketball team lapse into the unstable atmosphere. During the process, the conflicts between each other had been sorted out after the counsel of Ting-Tei. Meanwhile, he helped Shi-Jie combine the foundation of Kung-Fu into the basketball skills, which brought his skills into full play and helped team go through the critical competitions. At this time, the major competitor faced by Shi-Jie and his team members was the team led by Lee Tien, the previous fighting brother of Ting Wei. The team was constituted by a group of horrible men who were withstood to join any basketball games in the United States. They also bribed the referees, which made the basketball team of the first university become the living targets and face the situation of crushing defeat. When the situation was in danger, Wang-Li made great efforts to persuade four grand masters with excellent martial arts to take up a challenge at the last moment. How did Shi-Jie reverse the situation and lead the team to create a miracle? Whether he could find his family? Who would be his lover at the end?

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