Killer Clans (1976)

Killer Clans is original movies from Hong Kong release in 1976 with original title 流星蝴蝶劍 but this movies knowed As .
Killer Clans movies stories is about Two clans compete for dominance over the martial arts world in this classic of violent swordplay and political intrigue. A complex tale of deception and double crosses. Killer Clans leaves viewers guessing every step of the way. Masterful fight choreography from Yuen Cheung Yan (Yuen Clan member and brother of Yuen Woo Ping) and Tong Gaai fills the screen with bloody sword fighting and imaginative weaponry, delivering both great drama and fantastic martial arts. The movie is loosely based on the novel Liuxing Hudie Jian (Meteor, Butterfly, Sword) by Gu Long. (Source: Wikipedia & Amazon Prime)

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