Kick Ass Girls (2013)

Kick Ass Girls is original movies from Hong Kong release in 2013 with original title 爆3俏嬌娃 but this movies knowed As Bao 3 Qiao Jiao Wa.
Kick Ass Girls movies stories is about Bao co-founds a boxing gym with her intimate friend TT. But their friendship is broken over a boyfriend. Bao invites Miu to be the real precedent of “Girl Boxing Company”. They intend to attract male customers with their beauty. TT with grudge comes back and makes trouble. Meanwhile, the mystery Lady Zhuge is looking for female bodyguards for her business trip in Malaysia. Three girls decide to protect her for the generous rewards. Beyond their expectations, they are sold by human traffickers and forced to participate in the underground boxing games held by a local gang.

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