Just Call Me Nobody (2010)

Just Call Me Nobody is original movies from China release in 2010 with original title 大笑江湖 but this movies knowed As Da Xiao Jiang Hu or Loud Laughing Rivers And Lakes or Daai Siu Gong Woo.
Just Call Me Nobody movies stories is about Wu Di is a shoemaker who goes from a martial-arts newbie to the number one expert. Zhao Ben Shan is a bandit, superior in martial arts but who is defeated by Wu Di. One of Zhao Ben Shan’s subordinates, whose successes are lacking and whose failures are abundant, is often burdening Zhao Ben Shan. An ordinary martial, who thinks she’s a princess, likes Wu Di. A blind, but an expert fencer is in charge of protecting the princess. Tou Tuo is an exceptional expert who lives at the bottom of a valley.

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