Jungle Fever (2016)

Jungle Fever is original movies from Japan release in 2016 with original title ジャングル・フィーバー but this movies knowed As .
Jungle Fever movies stories is about In the year 2065, when Haraguchi Saori (Goriki Ayame) wakes up from a deep slumber, she is inside a spaceship. Six other people awaken in the same way. The seven of them watch a video set to auto play on a monitor. They are told “The human race will soon be extinct because of the outbreak of a nuclear war.” However, the Minister of Justice Hoshino Kuniyoshi (Kunimura Jun) has been secretly developing with a plan called the “Humanity Rehabilitation Programme”. This plan involves seven death row inmates who were singled out. They were made to board the spaceship in absolute secrecy and transported to a planet with a similar environment as earth in order to prevent the extinction of the human race as a result of the destruction of mankind on earth. The seven of them are to be the “seeds of human race” and have become the crew of Noah’s Ark. Based on preliminary calculations at the present time, it will take another 46 earth years for the spaceship to reach the planet. Saori is a death row inmate who committed murder to defend herself from her abusive adoptive father. She hopes to stay alive longer as she works together with the other six people, “I don’t care whether it is the universe or a planet. I want to live if I can change who I am.” But a series of murders start to occur inside the isolated spaceship. The real criminal is not known. Everyone becomes paranoid and the spaceship transforms into a setting for mental games of survival. Saori establishes a bond with former engineer Shimada Haruhiko (Daito Shunsuke) who slipped into the spaceship to escape the nuclear war and became its eight crew member. She feels that he is the only one she can trust. The truth of the murders is beyond everyone’s imagination but Saori sees right through it when she starts to search for the culprit. A fierce battle for survival in the spaceship unfolds.

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