Jump Ashin! (2011)

Jump Ashin! is original movies from Taiwan release in 2011 with original title 翻滚吧!阿信 but this movies knowed As Fan gun ba! A Xin or Somersault Punk or Jump! Ashin.
Jump Ashin! movies stories is about JUMP ASHIN! is the life story of Director Lin Yu-hsien’s gymnast brother. After Ashin’Lin Yu-hsien bounces back beautifully, showing off his hard-earned skill for packing action, romance and drama into a tightly paced, finely executed work of entertainment. Eddie Peng plays the title role of Ashin, a young gymnast whose life has revolved around training since he was a small boy growing up in the small town of Yilan. His mother thinks Ashin’s sport won’t amount to anything and asks the coach to take him off the team. Disheartened, the young man gives up gymnastics and starts to hang out with the wrong crowd. Things take a turn for the worse when Ashin’s best friend, Pickle, gets addicted to drugs. Soon the two have a problem with the son of a local kingpin and are forced to flee to Taipei. When life in the big city turns tragic, Ashin returns home determined to re-enter the world of gymnastics no matter what obstacles await him.

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