It’s Boring Here, Pick Me Up (2018)

It’s Boring Here, Pick Me Up is original movies from Japan release in 2018 with original title ここは退屈迎えに来て but this movies knowed As Koko wa Taikutsu Mukae ni Kite.
It’s Boring Here, Pick Me Up movies stories is about I got a job in Tokyo, but after 10 years she went back to her hometown. Now, I is 27-years-old and lives with her parents. Even though she works as a freelance writer, her parents treats her as a freeter. She meets her friends from her high school days. Using her courage, she contacts Shiina-kun who was the top player on their high school soccer team. She admired since high school. Meanwhile, I admire life in Tokyo and is afraid of life in Tokyo. She still lives in her hometown. She can’t forget her ex-boyfriend Shiina-kun. After she broke up with Shiina-kun, she hangs out with a man who she does not like. She is obsessed with memories of her happy moments with Shiina-kun. In order to relieve their boredom, I and I want Shiina-kun.

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