Insomnia Lover (2016)

Insomnia Lover is original movies from China release in 2016 with original title 失眠男女 but this movies knowed As Shi Mian Nan Nu or Insomnia Love or.
Insomnia Lover movies stories is about An Ding is a freelance sleep therapist who meets a beautiful girl on a beach in Shenzhen. After discovering that she needs a sleep aid, he causes her to induce sleep in her beach chair and inserts into her bosom her business card.
Time later in a nightclub he meets his goddess. This same woman goes to her clinic to seek treatment accompanied by her boyfriend Xiao Chen and An Ding discovers her name, it is Miao Tiao.
Miao Tiao works in an insurance company. Later, in the same nightclub, Miao Tiao and Xiao Chen are saved by An Ding and his friend Fei of two male customers of the club that are harassing them. Thus begins a case of unilateral love between a Ding and Miao Tiao.

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