Illusionary Paradise (2015)

Illusionary Paradise is original movies from South Korea release in 2015 with original title 부곡 하와이 but this movies knowed As Bugok Hawaii: Illusionary Paradise or.
Illusionary Paradise movies stories is about Ja Yeong, 42 years old, gets a message from her husband that he is going to immigrate. Being afraid of not seeing her son again, she escapes from the mental hospital.
Cho Hee, who is 17 years old, cannot resist the hospital director’s sexual assault. When she sees a positive result in the pregnancy test, she feels happy rather than afraid about having a family. She escapes from the mental hospital to protect her baby.
The two women who succeeded in escaping travel together. Meanwhile, the hospital director hires Hyeon Su, a private detective, to chase them. Ja Yeong and Cho Hee come across various people. When they understand each other, their illusions are broken.

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