Hindsight (2011)

Hindsight is original movies from South Korea release in 2011 with original title 푸른소금 but this movies knowed As Blue Salt or Pureun Sogeum or Secret R.
Hindsight movies stories is about Once a legendary and brutal figure in organized crime, Doo Heon just wants the chance to lead a normal life and dreams of becoming a chef with his own restaurant. When a young woman, Se Bin, comes into his life, a shared passion for cooking soon becomes a romantic attraction, taking them both by surprise. But when deadly cartel politics erupt – drawing a reluctant Doo Heon back into the violent shadows of the underworld as an heir apparent – he becomes the assassination target of former colleagues and discovers the lovely Se Bin isn’t who she appears…harboring dark and treacherous secrets of her own. Can they trust one another? Will his love overcome her betrayal? (Source: CJ Entertainment)

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