Happiness For Sale (2013)

Happiness For Sale is original movies from South Korea release in 2013 with original title 미나문방구 but this movies knowed As Mi Na Moonbanggoo or Mi Na’s Stationary Shop or Mi-Na Stationary or.
Happiness For Sale movies stories is about Mi Na works as a tax collector in Seoul. She learns that her father has been recently hospitalized back in her hometown of Muju. Her father runs a small stationary store there named Mi Na’s stationery. Mi Na then contacts a real estate agent in Muju to sell her father’s stationary store. The real estate agent though insists she come to Muju to sell the store, but Mi Na has no desire to return to her small hometown. The decrepit old store has now been closed for an extended period of time and Mi Na now has to bring it back to life to sell it once and for all.

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