Hana’s Miso Soup (2015)

Hana’s Miso Soup is original movies from Japan release in 2015 with original title はなちゃんのみそ汁 but this movies knowed As Hanachan no Misoshiru.
Hana’s Miso Soup movies stories is about Chie enjoys happy days with her boyfriend Shingo, but she is diagnosed with breast cancer. Chie is shaken with anxiety, but her boyfriend asks her to marry him. Chie gives up hope of having a baby due to the drugs she takes for cancer treatment. Nevertheless, she gets pregnant. Even though she is risking her life giving birth, Chie gives birth to a healthy baby. Their baby is named Hana. Chie, Shingo and Hana live happily as a family, but there’s something awaiting.

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