Guia in Love (2015)

Guia in Love is original movies from Hong Kong release in 2015 with original title 燈塔下的戀人 but this movies knowed As 灯塔下的恋人.
Guia in Love movies stories is about Chan Ka Sing, Choi Kai Kwong, and Lee Yuk Lan had been best friends since they were young. They hung out all the time at the lighthouse. Everything was fine until Ka Sing and Kai Kwong both fell in love for Yuk Lan. Compared to ambitious Kwong, Yuk Lan chose Ka Sing.
Ka Sing & Yuk Lan had lived a happy life for the past 45 years, Until that day, Yuk Lan was very sick and passed away…
Now, 45 years later, Chow Kai Kwong become a rich and powerful person in Macau and runs a famously luxurious hotel. His daughter Debbie helps him to run the hotel business. Her dull days are brightened up as she runs into the casino dealer, Sze Wah.
Yeung Chun Kiang is the son-in-law of Ka Sing and Yuk Lan. Their daughter passed away in a car accident and left behind Chun Kiang and her son Tou Tou. Tou Tou has fallen in love with his classmate Yan, the two are actually making excuses to pair his father up with Yan’s aunt, Lai Sze Fun, a vice principal. Finally, Chun Kiang and Sze Fun meet up and they are surprised by the opportunity arranged by Cupid.
Uncle Kin is a famous mechanic and the owner of Kin’s mechanic shop. His son, Junior Kin who has been influenced by him is also a big fan of cars. Her girlfriend, Phillis who loves singing and discovered by a music director who plans to send her to Japan for training. Both of them realize that once Phillis becomes a singer, their love story will end.

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