From the Highway (1970)

From the Highway is original movies from Hong Kong release in 1970 with original title 卢克玉道克 but this movies knowed As Lu ke yu dao ke.
From the Highway movies stories is about FROM THE HIGHWAY (1970) was produced by Cathay Pictures, a Hong Kong studio that was, for a time, a competitor of Shaw Bros. It’s a historical action drama set in the 1910s at a time when warlords were running rampant in northern China, raiding villages with no government forces to oppose them. The film focuses on one village where the residents have stood up to marauding bandits and are making preparations to hold off the next assault. A group of the bandits infiltrates the walled village by cleverly disguising themselves as a traveling band of herb vendors. A mysterious stranger shows up and takes it upon himself to ferret out the disguised bandits and confront them. When another bandit enters the village and kidnaps the village chief’s son to hold him for ransom, the stranger pursues the kidnapper, setting the stage for the bandits’ final attack on the village led by the brutish bald-headed Iron Gourd. (Source: IMDB)

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