Friend (2001)

Friend is original movies from South Korea release in 2001 with original title 친구 but this movies knowed As Chingoo or Chingu or Friends.
Friend movies stories is about At a time when students had to fasten their collars and crease their slacks till they’re razor-sharp, these four friends strutted around in their own custom-fashioned uniforms. They walked the streets with their heads held high, shoulders straight, and chests out, fearing nothing when they were together. Joon Suk, a son of a vigilant gang boss; Dong Su, the only son of an undertaker; Sang Taek, a diligent student; Joong Ho, who never keeps his mouth shut. Those are the gang of friends who share their fantasies about a naked woman on the porn magazine and their awe at Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu. Each of their lives takes different turns as they grow up, and their paths cross in conflict with each other. Joon Suk becomes the leading henchman of his father’s crime ring, and Dong Su is serving for Joon Suk’s rival gangs. Sang Taek and Joong Ho find themselves helplessly watching their two best friends wield knives at each other. (Source: AsianWiki)

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