Fatal Intuition (2015)

Fatal Intuition is original movies from South Korea release in 2015 with original title 그놈이다 but this movies knowed As That Guy or Geunomida or It’s That Guy or It’s Him or Geu Nomida.
Fatal Intuition movies stories is about Jang Woo had only his sister to live for until she is brutally murdered. During a ritual to send her spirit to heaven, he comes across a suspicious man, who manages to escape from the scene. He begins to suspect a local pharmacist and keeps an eye on him. Although Jang Woo is absolutely convinced that the pharmacist is the killer, no one believes him because the pharmacist is considered the kindest man in town. But he gets help from a possessed woman named Shi Eun who foresees how people die. Their pursuit begins and Shi Eun predicts yet another murder. (Source: KoBiz)

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