Fantastic Parasuicides (2007)

Fantastic Parasuicides is original movies from South Korea release in 2007 with original title 판타스틱 자살 소동 but this movies knowed As Pantaseutol Jasaljodong.
Fantastic Parasuicides movies stories is about This omnibus feature is comprised of three short films made by three directors. This feature depicts people who give up their lives meet fantastic moments when they are about to kill themselves. With the moments, they regain their motives of life. The three shorts in are as follow; Episode 1, “Hanging Tough” (by PARK Soo-yeong) is a story about a high school girl committing suicide as missing her exam, episode 2, “Fly, Chicken” (by JO Chang-ho) tells a story about a police man who tries to end his life himself. Episode 3, “Happy Birthday” (by KIM Seong-ho) is about a 70-year-old solitude old man who kills himself on his birthday.

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