Ever Since We Love (2015)

Ever Since We Love is original movies from China release in 2015 with original title 万物生长 but this movies knowed As Wan Wu Sheng zhang.
Ever Since We Love movies stories is about Ever Since We Love is a 2015 Chinese film about an erotic story of a group of students in medical college in the 1990s. On the background of entanglement of first love, the story of exploresromance and body by Qiushui and his current girlfriend as its mainline, and continues on his encounter and relationship with charming and sophisticated lady Liu Qing. It presents the ‘youth transverse section’ of emotional chaos and wandering without sense of belonging in his past, present and future. It is directed by Li Yu based on one of the stories in the 2001 Chinese novel Everything Grows by Feng Tang (the Chinese title is the same as the novel).

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