Eureka (2000)

Eureka is original movies from Japan release in 2000 with original title ユリイカ but this movies knowed As Yûreka or Yuriika.
Eureka movies stories is about Eureka begins violently as a crazed businessman hijacks a bus and shoots anyone who tries to make a run for it. The bus driver survives, along with two young kids, an older brother Naoki and a younger sister Kozue. Two years later, their mother leaves for another man, and their father dies in a car accident. The kids don’t speak a word to anyone but can communicate to each other telepathically. Meanwhile, Makuto’s wife has left him, and he has trouble holding down a job. So he sets out to locate the two kids. Finding them parentless, he moves in with them and helps to feed and take care of them. At the same time, a mysterious murderer is on the loose, targeting young women, and Makuto becomes the prime suspect. He’s arrested for a short while but gets out on bail. A cousin, Akihiko, comes to live with the strange family as well. After a while, Makoto buys a sort of camper bus, and the foursome set out on a road trip. Makoto becomes increasingly sick and coughs all the time, and the identity of the murderer is eventually discovered.

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