Enter the Phoenix (2004)

Enter the Phoenix is original movies from Hong Kong release in 2004 with original title 大佬愛美麗 but this movies knowed As Da Lao Ai Mei Li or Daai Lou Ngoi Mei Lai or 大佬爱美丽.
Enter the Phoenix movies stories is about Georgie Hung is the gay son of Hung, a powerful Hong Kong triad boss. His father sends Georgie to the US, insisting that he only return after Hung himself has died. Georgie’s flat-mate, Sam, is a down-at-heel youngster who dreams of becoming a big time gangster. When Hung finally dies, his right hand man, Cheung travels to the US with his son, Cheung Kin intending to bring Georgie back to Hong Kong They plan to teach Georgie how to act like a real gangster, but find Sam by mistake. Sam sees this as the chance he has been waiting for. Georgie, who has no interest in being a Triad boss, plays along. On the day of Hung’s father’s funeral, the various members of the different criminal organizations arrive. Among them is Chow Siu, a rival for leadership of the Triad group. Sam falls in love with Cheung’s daughter, Julie, even though she hates her family’s business. The day before Julie is supposed to marry Sam, she tells Georgie that she loves him, thereby creating an unlikely love triangle. When he learns Georgie’s secret, Stephen plans to reveal it to the rest of the Triad, clearing the way for himself to become godfather! (Source: MyDramaList)

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