Eat Drink Man Woman (1994)

Eat Drink Man Woman is original movies from Taiwan release in 1994 with original title 飲食男女 but this movies knowed As Yǐn Shí Nán Nǚ or Yin Shi Nan Nu.
Eat Drink Man Woman movies stories is about This film tells the story of a widowed, semi-retired Chinese master chef at the Taipei Grand Hotel. Chef Chu and his family are living in modern-day Taipei, Taiwan. At the start of the film, he lives with his three attractive daughters, all of whom are unattached. The oldest child, Jia Jen, is a school teacher nursing a broken heart; the middle child, Jia Chien, is a successful career woman, and the youngest child, Jia Ning, is a twenty-year-old student. As the film progresses, each daughter encounters new men in their lives. When these new relationships blossom or fail, their roles as daughters are broken and the living situation within the family changes.

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