Die Bad (2000)

Die Bad is original movies from South Korea release in 2000 with original title 죽거나 혹은 나쁘거나 but this movies knowed As Jukgeona Hogeun Nappeugeona.
Die Bad movies stories is about Die Bad is broken up into four parts: Rumble: Two groups of opposing teens start off playing pool, but soon they clash heads. In the midst of fighting, Sung Bin kills Hyun Soo and thus begins his descent into crime. Nightmare: Seven years later, Sung Bin is released from prison. Upon returning home, he finds that his father no longer cares about him. His elder brother gets him a job at a garage where a cop visits him several times, but Sung Bin soon finds himself back out of work. It’s not long before fate leads him once again along a rocky path. Modern Man: Suk Hwan, an old friend of Sung Bin who was with him on the day of that fateful incident has now become a police officer. We see him on a stakeout; unbeknownst to Suk Hwan, the man he is after is connected to Sung Bin. Die Bad: Sung Bin has recruited a gang of youths, unaware that they are expendable and whose only purpose is to serve as knife fodder. Suk Hwan finally faces Sung Bin in a showdown; meanwhile, Sung Bin’s youth gang faces a horrific and bloody battle. (Source: AMW)

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