Desert Dream (2007)

Desert Dream is original movies from South Korea release in 2007 with original title 경계 but this movies knowed As Desert Dreamor Hyazgar or Hyazgaror Desert Dream or Gyeonggye.
Desert Dream movies stories is about Desert Dream takes place in a far more remote area, a desert region situated somewhere between the Mongolia and Chinese border. The town has become nearly void of all inhabitants except for Hangai, who works obsessively to plant trees in the desert area. Hangai’s own wife has recently left him, as their daughter became increasingly ill. While Hangai wallows in solitude a North Korean refugee, named Soon hee, arrives at his doorstep with her son. They ask for shelter and Hanghai obliges. Although the trio can’t even speak a common language, they are able to communicate nonethless and work together to plant trees. It seems Hanghai is attracted to Soon Hee, but she doesn’t feel quite the same way. Then a Mongolian soldier stationed at a nearby camp, befriends the trio and the dynamics of their relationship start to change. (Lunapark) ~~ A co-production with France and Mongolia.

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