Daytime Shooting Star (2017)

Daytime Shooting Star is original movies from Japan release in 2017 with original title ひるなかの流星 but this movies knowed As Hirunaka no Ryuusei or Hirunaka no Ryusei or The New Girl.
Daytime Shooting Star movies stories is about Yosano Suzume is a naïve, country girl who transfers to a high school in Tokyo. When she gets lost on her first day in the big city, a man named Shishio comes to her rescue. He turns out to be her homeroom teacher. Suzume begins to develop feelings for Shishio that she has never felt before… “I’m in love with you.” Suzume’s straightforward confession of love places Shishio in an awkward situation as her teacher. While Shishio grapples with how to respond, Suzume’s classmate Mamura, who supposedly has an aversion to girls, tells her he’s in love with her. What will become of Suzume’s first love…?

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