Day of Redemption (2013)

Day of Redemption is original movies from China release in 2013 with original title 早见,晚爱 but this movies knowed As Zao jianor Wan ai.
Day of Redemption movies stories is about The story follows Gu Bin, a dropout turned first-rate negotiating expert who is not afraid to resort to trickery in order to climb the ranks of society. Favored by Alice, the arrogant and bossy daughter of a rich businessman, Gu Bin is stunned to discover that his competitor in a business acquisition negotiation is none other than Zhou Ting, his first love and with whom he was in a relationship for eight years. In the ensuing nine-hour acquisition case, which takes place during a seemingly normal nine-hour workday, both Gu Bin and Zhou Ting must make a choice between work and love.

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