Concerto of the Bully (2018)

Concerto of the Bully is original movies from Hong Kong release in 2018 with original title 大樂師.為愛配樂 but this movies knowed As Big Musician or Da Yue Shi Wei Ai Pei Yue or Daai Lok Si Wai Ngoi Pui Lok or 大乐师.为爱配乐.
Concerto of the Bully movies stories is about A street punk Yung likes the rhythm of things, such as fighting. But he is emotionally unstable, and that one mysterious music demo posted online was his mind’s only sedative. His leader ordered Yung to look after a kidnapped young girl Chow, that he kept hostage at a fish raft floating in the sea. (Source: Baidu)

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