Come Rain or Come Shine (2021)

Come Rain or Come Shine is original movies from Taiwan release in 2021 with original title 雨天的妖怪 but this movies knowed As Rainy Monster or Yu Tian De Yao Guai or Yu Tian De Ri Zi or Yu Tien Te Yao Kuai or 雨天的日子.
Come Rain or Come Shine movies stories is about Legend has it that the forest that makes noise in the morning is the home of monsters. When the demented old woman and the monsters were distressed about the forgotten way home, the old woman met university classmate Wang Xin. She accidentally opened up the inextricable past, but also quietly unravels the mystery of the monsters’ origins, and clues emerge as to the mysterious location of the forest. (Source: Letterboxd)

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