Cast me if you can (2010)

Cast me if you can is original movies from Japan release in 2010 with original title 脇役物語 but this movies knowed As Wakiyaku monogatari.
Cast me if you can movies stories is about Forever supporting actor Hiroshi’s (Toru Masuoka) real life seems to mimic his minor acting career. When he walks out on the street he is often mistaken for a shop clerk, staff member, security guard or even a kidnapper. At home, his famous play-writer father Kenta Matsuzaki (Masahiko Tsugawa) treats him like an idiot. One day, Hiroshi’s life turns upside down when he meets the woman of his dreams, aspiring actress Aya (Hiromi Nagasaku). While attempting to court Aya, Hiroshi also tries to play the lead in his own life … (asian media wiki)

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