Calendar Girl (2016)

Calendar Girl is original movies from South Korea release in 2016 with original title 캘린더걸 but this movies knowed As Kaellindeogeol or.
Calendar Girl movies stories is about Jong Moo is happy to look at the calendar model Na Yeong, who is there on the calendar smiling for him although they can’t be together. One day, the girl of his dreams moves right next door to him and Jong Moo’s boring life turns into excitement. Jong Moo learns about how she suffers behind the fanciness and he puts everything he has on the line to comfort her. Na Yeong is caught between his innocence and her work. Meanwhile, Jong Moo’s friend Yong Jin dreams of a hot night with his cute girlfriend Ji Hee but every time he tries he stands on the verge of death and in the end Ji Hee confesses something to him… The two couple put their lives on the line for love.

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