Bullets of Love (2001)

Bullets of Love is original movies from Hong Kong release in 2001 with original title 不死情谜 but this movies knowed As 不死情迷 or Bat sei ching mai or.
Bullets of Love movies stories is about Sam and his team are members of a Serious Crime Unit in the District Crime Squad. The Team successfully arrests a international crime organization’s leaders, Night. At the Court, Ann, a prosecutor and Sam’s financee, tries her best to convict Night. However, finally, Night is convicted on only one charge and sentenced to three years imprisonment. Night vows to take his revenge and destroy the couple one day. Ann and Sam take a trip to Paris and the assassin monitors them and kills Ann. Three years later, Sam has escaped to Tai O, a fishing village and a look-alike Japanese tourist named You comes and the romance begins again; however, what Sam doesn’t know is the assassin was You.

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