Brother of the Year (2018)

Brother of the Year is original movies from Thailand release in 2018 with original title น้องพี่ที่รัก but this movies knowed As น้อง.พี่.ที่รัก or Nongor Peeor Teerak or Brother & Sister or Dear Brother.
Brother of the Year movies stories is about When he was just a little kid, Chut thought that the baby inside his mom’s belly would be a boy. On the baby due date, when his mom gave birth to a girl named Jane instead, Chut got completely world-weary. His dreams to play robots and manly play football with his little brother were destroyed because whenever he played with his little sister Jane, she would burst out crying and whining. Since they were just little kids until they both grown up, Chut and Jane have fought about everything. It’s because Jane rather be like Chut’s mom than his little sister and Chut rather to be Jane’s burden than her big brother. Who else could be such a sucker big brother being poorer than his own little sister in every way like him? Whatever comparisions: learning, sport, look, behavior, Perfect Jane beats him in all. The only opportunity that Chut can show off as a big brother is when there are any guys try to hit on Jane. Chut will put of air of importance to drive those guys away, as a revenge on Jane. That is the reason why Jane has to conceal the love relationship of her and Moji, a half-Japanese guy who is more than perfect. Jane doesn’t want this love to be ruined by her big brother again like he used to do. But love is not a secret. Chut eventually finds out that Jane is secretly dating Moji. How could Chut give them a green light? As we told you, whatever makes Jane happy, the decent big brother like Chut will definitely never let it happen! (Source:

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