Battle of Hip Hopera (2016)

Battle of Hip Hopera is original movies from Taiwan release in 2016 with original title 終極舞班 but this movies knowed As Zhōng Jí Wǔ Bān or Zhong Ji Wu Ban.
Battle of Hip Hopera movies stories is about The movie tells the story of talented dancer Xiang, from his childhood, when he was cynical because his father has abandoned him, to showing himself through hip-hop as an outlet. 17-year-old youth’s fight is full of blood and love! Xiang, while practicing, meets a girl from opera, Yu Cheng. However, around Yu Chen, there’s a mysterious, charming rival, Chen Jun. Two boys are on stage, while real-life battle begins. Hip-hop genius and a beast showdown at the upcoming Asian Cup Dance Competition, where two boys fight on stage over a girl. Seeing the championship getting jeopardized, opera girl will become a special weapon of both sides trying to resolve the problem! Youth in advance, dancing too; how will 17-year-old deal with it?

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