Bad Girls (2012)

Bad Girls is original movies from Taiwan release in 2012 with original title 女孩壞壞 but this movies knowed As Nǚ Hái Huài Huài or Nu Hai Huai Huai.
Bad Girls movies stories is about A Dan, a high school girl, together with Pei Pei and Xiao Mi form a group known as “Huai Nu Hai aka Bad Girls” to undertake chivalrous acts and stand up against bullies. The storyline has it that the trio’s school was used as a filming site, and one day, A Dan accidentally chanced upon the filming and by a twist of fate, ended up as the female lead of the film. With the opportunity, she also got to discover a side to the popular idol, Justin, which others do not know. Hence the two very mismatched individuals embarked on a journey to develop a story of their own, beyond that of the “film”.

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