Art Museum by the Zoo (1998)

Art Museum by the Zoo is original movies from South Korea release in 1998 with original title 미술관옆 동물원 but this movies knowed As Misulgwanyeop Dongmulwon.
Art Museum by the Zoo movies stories is about Chul Soo, a young man on leave from his military service, goes to stay with his girlfriend, Da Hye. However, Da Hye has already left to marry someone else, and she sublet her apartment to Choon Hee, a quiet amateur filmmaker. Chul Soo and Choon Hee start arguing almost as soon as they meet, but he ends up staying in her apartment and helping her with a script she’s writing for a contest. They continue to conflict with one another because of their opposite views on life and love. When they go to a park in the suburbs, Chul Soo wants to visit the zoo full of people and animals, life and activity. On the other hand, Choon Hee prefers the art museum. She likes to look at things at a distance; pictures in frames and life through her camera lens. At the moment, Chul Soo is hurting from his break-up, and Choon Hee’s imagination is captivated by an ideal one-sided love, but who knows what will happen by the time they finish the script? (Source: AsianWiki)

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