All Bunnies Can Dance (2006)

All Bunnies Can Dance is original movies from South Korea release in 2006 with original title 토끼들은 모두 다 춤출 수 있어 but this movies knowed As .
All Bunnies Can Dance movies stories is about The day she found out about her pregnancy, her man leaves her and she blankly stares into space. Sometimes, she sits in an empty room alone, sometimes she goes to a cafe to have a cup of coffee, and sometimes she wanders from place to place. But whatever she does, she can’t really feel that she is dumped and alone. It is a story about a girl’s life since she is left alone. describes the main character’s psychological state subtly and gently in modern sensitivity. The film focuses on delicate movements yet its frames are filled with warmth and joyful atmosphere of the field. Takeshi Kanabayashi wrote the script and directed the film working with crew consist of AFA student. (Source: Asian Film Academy)

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