Address Unknown (2001)

Address Unknown is original movies from South Korea release in 2001 with original title 수취인불명 but this movies knowed As Suchwiin bulmyeong.
Address Unknown movies stories is about Based on real life stories from the director’s life, and those known to him. It is set in the Korean countryside around a U.S. army base, and particularly involves the villages that are affected by its presence. This includes an unstable, near psychotic American soldier who survives on a diet of LSD and rage, Eun-Ok, a girl with one defective eye, Jihum a lonesome boy and Chang-Guk, who lives in an old U.S. army bus with his mother. She has taught Chang-Guk English in an attempt to prepare him for their new life in America, reunited with his father who she mails regularly, although the letters are always returned

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